The Progressive Media

There was a plan put in place shortly after President Trump won his election in 2016. Some believe it was never officially discussed, but instead morphed naturally through observations, winks, and nods. The more conspiracy-theory-minded crowd believes there were conversations and meetings held following the election between leaders of media, both in the mainstream and in big tech. Few believe it’s a coincidence that every mainstream media outlet other than Rupert Murdoch’s holdings is so adamantly anti-Trump by random chance. It’s coordinated, whether formally or as a result of media leaders seeing others walking in the same direction.

It’s working to some extent. The constant barrage of anti-Trump reporting had a huge impact on the 2018 election. It’s also affecting polls as a President with so many clear economic successes under his belt struggles to break 50% approval. But there’s a problem the media either didn’t foresee or refused to accept. Americans have grown fatigued by all of the unabashed hatred towards the President. They’re no longer shocked nor swayed by any given day’s batch of reports that the President is terrible for whatever new reason they’re peddling.

What’s worse for the media’s narrative is their reporting isn’t matching what people are seeing in their lives. Based solely on media reports, Trump is evil, the world is ending, everyone’s starving, white supremacists with AR-15s are roaming the streets, women are dying in alleys because they’re being denied healthcare, and the LBGTQ community is under constant attack. This anti-Trump narrative has been rehashed daily since the day he was elected.

The reality is more Americans are working than ever before, mass shootings are not common, women have unprecedented access to real healthcare, and the LGBTQ community is given superior status over most other Americans.

Technically, it was happening before Trump was elected, but at that point it wasn’t quite as out in the open as after the election. They assumed Hillary Clinton would win, so they kept their rhetoric restrained. When she lost, they assumed they hadn’t done enough to help her. They vowed they’d help expedite President Trump’s removal from office, but they did so with the belief that he wouldn’t make it to the end of his first term. This is why they put all of their eggs in Robert Mueller’s basket. When that failed, they realized (for the first time, mind you) there was a chance President Trump would actually survive until election day.

That’s when everything changed. They realized they couldn’t count on Democrats, Robert Mueller, or missteps by the President to get him out of office, so they determined their best course of action was impeachment or implosion. They doubt their ability to stop Trump at the ballot box. That’s where we are today. It’s why the bias has turned from giddily reporting his presidential demise to outright propaganda ahead of the election. CNN, NY Times, MSNBC, Washington Post, and all of the other media “influencers” on the left have made a conscious (and possibly coordinated) decision to plaster wall-to-wall coverage of anything that can be spun in a negative light against the president.

Now, they’ve peaked. They literally have no more room available for even more anti-Trump propaganda because that’s essentially all they report. Sure, they’ll work in the regular round of stories. They still have bills to pay so they need to report regular news as well, but the editorial strategy across the board is “stop Trump at all costs.”

This is a huge problem for them and the Democrats because of the aforementioned fatigue. Those who already hate the President aren’t going to be driven to fight him harder as a result of these reports. In fact, some are even disgusted by it, including CNN whistleblower Cary Poarch who joined the network as a Bernie Sanders supporting Democrat. The President’s avid supporters haven’t believed a word reported by mainstream media since 2016. That leaves those in the middle, whether that’s skeptical Republicans, open-minded Independents, or Democrats who are concerned about the policies being spouted by their party. How are they receiving the incessant negative reporting?

It’s within this group that mainstream media blew it. They’ve gone into fully unhinged mode way too early to properly manipulate those who are still making up their minds. They may poll or Tweet against the President now, but there’s an inherent sympathy among humans to not like it when someone is ganged up on as the media has been ganging up on President Trump. If the media had been honest (okay, MORE honest than they are now) about the President, then turned negative in the month or two leading up to the election, they probably could have swayed voters who are on the fence. By going full-blown anti-Trump so soon, they’re setting themselves up to push open-minded people towards Trump as the fatigue wears on them.

There’s no room for the media to get more negative. They’ve unleashed their ultimate strategy a year too soon.

There’s still a growing threat, though. Big tech is smarter than mainstream media. They understand the need to maintain an illusion of neutrality until closer to the election. The moves they’re making are more subtle, such as search engines highlighting anti-Trump stories in search results or algorithms quietly amplifying anti-Trump rhetoric. They’re a much bigger concern than mainstream media’s blustering reports. I’ll tackle the threat of biased big tech in the near future.

Mainstream media still has great power over the way people think. It will take a lot of grass-roots effort to nuetralize their influence. Truth and justice is still the American way.

~ JD Rucker