Running wild in America

The forces of cultural destruction are running wild in America as we face a struggle for survival. The Chinese Virus, the invisible enemy, is but one of the threats that face us. It has unmasked other threats, which for far too long have been ignored. They are threats to our national culture, without which we cease to exist as a free nation.

National cultures do not survive on autopilot. For a limited time, they may drift downstream. The forces that hold them together may be forgotten for a while, but there comes a time, there always comes a time, when the very survival of a culture is tested. Either the culture adjusts to meet the challenge, or else it disappears into oblivion.

We have, for a lifetime now, drifted downstream into treacherous waters. We have accepted the blessings of liberty without appreciating them, and without an awareness of the immense sacrifices made for us by generations past. Forgetting our history, we have thought ourselves exempt from making any personal sacrifices ourselves and immune to the consequences of our libertine excesses.

Fortunately, but painfully, nature has a way of correcting a wayward river. It may flood its banks for a time, but eventually, the law of gravity wins out, forcing the river back into its natural path.

In many ways, the virus is forcing us to reflect. Death and tragedy threaten to ride roughshod over us unless we can beat this thing, but we will not beat it with open borders, nor with declaring abortion an essential industry, nor with violations of our Bill of Rights.

The forces of cultural preservation have come to the forefront in this battle. Private industry, the bane of liberal statism, is energizing its innovative talents to quickly produce the equipment needed to defeat the virus. Political leadership in the form of President Trump's early and aggressive action, despite the vicious accusations of racism, has revealed a courage not to be found in the opportunist Democrats, whose only response was to insert political correctness into the fight.

One can only dread to think how a president named Hillary would have crushed our nation had she been faced with making the difficult choices. Already, private industry would have been strangled by overregulation and punitive taxation. Already, the Democrats would have insisted that the way to fight this virus is to encumber corporate boardrooms with commissars of quotas, quotas to ensure that every complaining subgroup of sex, gender, race, and illegal aliens would gain control of (and destroy) the industries that are now saving us.

There can be few bright spots, if any, for the families of the victims of the Chinese Virus, but among them is the fact that it is beginning to clarify the forces of cultural destruction that have for so many years been sapping the strength of our nation.

We must destroy the axis of evil -- the virus, the anti-Americanism, and the liberal institutions that enable them to infect our nation.

~ Robert Arvay